Teacher's Guide  

The Science and Social Studies teacher guides provide support for teaching the content to ELLs and striving readers. They include Before Reading and After Reading suggestions, Teacher Tips for the hands-on activities, reproducilbles and much more.


Professional Development

Big Ideas for Expanding Minds focuses on the academic language and literacy needs of English language learners (ELLs) but is also relevant for indigenous learners, learners from socially marginalized communities, and those who use non-standard varieties of English. The major focus is on instructional strategies for students in grades 3-8 ,but the book also has relevance for teachers of younger learners and will be of interest to those who are teaching specialized subjects at higher grades. The instructional strategies and principles of effective task design can be variously applied across the grades levels and in specialized subject areas. The rationale for the book derives from the fact that as a result of unprecedented population mobility, linguistic diversity in schools is increasing dramatically in both Canada and the United States. Extensive research demonstrates that students learning English as an additional language typically require at least five years to catch up to native speakers in English academic language proficiency. Thus, even students who may have gained considerable conversational fluency in English are likely to require additional support to understand content taught through the school language. This support is likely to be particularly important after Grade 3 as the linguistic and conceptual load of the curriculum increases significantly after the primary grades. After their initial years of learning English, many ELL students will no longer be receiving ESL support and thus the expansion of their academic language skills will very much depend on the extent to which these skills are being reinforced in mainstream classrooms.