Body Systems intro spread
Canada and the World pgs. 8–9  

Vocabulary and sentence structure are carefully controlled in order to make the content accessible to students reading at a range of levels.


Chemistry spread
Chemistry pgs. 14–15  

For All Students
Big Idea readers use accessible language
and captivating visuals to engage readers at
any level.

Active Citizenship intro spread
Active Citizenship pgs. 4–5  

Every book features an introductory spread that identifies the Big Idea and Essential Question for the book and provides an opportunity for whole-class discussion.

Diversity of Life spread
Diversity of Life pgs. 18–19  

On each spread:

  • the “big idea” is identified in one or two
    simple sentences.
  • The concept is then explained through visuals, labels, and simple language.
  • Some concepts are explored in more depth through detailed explanations with controlled sentence structure and vocabulary for students with more advanced skills.
  • Visuals are labelled with content
    area vocabulary.

Light and Sound spread
Light and Sound pgs. 20–21  

Chapter Activities
Activities included in each chapter reinforce and extend learning.



New France spread
Canada's Heroes of Human Rights inside cover, pg. 30–31  

The Connection
Activities at the end of each book help to connect the big ideas, foster active participation in the learning process, and prompt students to think like ana scientist or a historian/geographer. There are also related Communication and Vocabulary activities provided.


New France spread
New France inside cover, pg. 32  

Key Terms and Glossary
A list of key terms is provided at the front of the book to introduce academic vocabulary that students will encounter in the book.

Additional words that might be challenging are highlighted within the text and are defined in the glossary found at the back of each book.