Big Idea Logo

BIG IDEA is a series of content area books designed to make grades 4–6 curriculum topics accessible to English language learners (ELLs) and striving readers. Each book in the series focuses on a single curriculum topic. Concepts are explained clearly through a combination of identifying the “big ideas” and illustrating those ideas visually with photographs, illustrations, diagrams, labels, and supporting text. Hands-on activities provide additional curriculum connections and reinforce concept and skill development.

Big Idea uses differentiated instruction to deliver grade-level content to ELLs striving students who are reading several levels below grade level.

The Big Idea Program Delivers:

  1. Content Acquisition
    Students learn important standards-based concepts
    as well as critical academic vocabulary in context.
  2. Literacy Development
    Support for striving and ELL students as they move
    through the stages of language acquisition, learning
    multi-use words in context.
  3. Language Acquisition
    Support for ELL and striving students as they move
    through the stages of language aquisition and learning
    multi-use words in context.
  4. 21st-Century Skills
    Students develop creativity, global literacy, and
    critical thinking skills.